First blog post!

Finally a fully functional website! It took a very long time until this site got there: The first time I registered the domain was propably back in January 2009, mainly for easier access to my very first hosted virtual server. It was meant for experimenting and tinkering with Gentoo flavoured Linux in a server environment and still serves this purpose. Some time I would add a website, but it never got as far as it is now, mostly because I could never decide which CMS would run this site. I’m still not satisfied how it is right now and things will change very likely, but I think it is a good start.

What will be published here?

In the future I’ll publish articles about (game) programming, gaming (I love Point & Click adventures!), film-making and anything being of interest. That may be as well related to electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.) or hacking one of the topics mentioned. I’m doing this simply to share knowledge or experiences I’ve made.

What comes next?

This site is still undergoing some changes, particularly:

I’d love to hear feedback of any kind, because this site is not only meant for me! And thanks for reading so far.


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